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ICB Orthotic Footwear

ICB Orthotic Slides / ICB Orthotic Footwear

ICB Orthotic slides Black Men 4 / Wom 5

Code: 061-ICBOSB4

Product Information

ICB Orthotic Slides are the perfect alternative to traditional flip flop sandal designs – with an intrinsic rearfoot support angle, coupled with an arch contour, to assist in reducing excessive pronation. ICB Orthotic Slides also provide metatarsal support and the wide comfort strap provides a secure fit, to assist in preventing toe clawing.

ICB slides are ideal for everyday wear, providing enhanced support compared to a traditional flip flop or sandal style. Made from a durable, yet comfortable material, they can go from pavement to beach, and can withstand getting wet.

Ideal for patients suffering with a range of foot, heel, knee, leg and lower back aches and pains.

Available in 2 colours: Navy & Black

AUS/US Sizes: 10 sizes – from Womens 5 to Mens 13.

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